The Artist

Subala Maharana

The renowned Artist in Sand born in India, in an ordinary family of Late Ladu Kishore Maharana and Sita Devi, presently established in SBI, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. His small family consisting of wife and two sons, Swadesh and Swadhin, who are also equally good in art. Mr. Maharana with prominent and outstanding career like rising star visited many places inspiring Young artists, has successfully formed the Team in Gopalpur as well as at Temple City Bhubaneswar, attracted many attentions. He has yet to proceed long distance in life with dedication having the desire to make others Happy toiling hard striving for progress with own cost. He hasn’t yet got assistance. He has been awarded various prizes and being honoured by many for his selfless deeds for setting up of glaring instance and surce inspiration for posterity. Lord Jagannath shows his blessings for all his efforts for days to come. He’ll certainly find a special place in the heart of Spectators who is mocked as “Sand Baya”. He hasn’t looked back any more & has his inspiration and co-operation from wife & true friends, colleagues will definitely prove his worth. From game of sand in childhood turning to an eminent Sand Artist is really commendable.

This is the priceless art with devotion of popularising sand art among masses.

Opines “I only chirish for admiration & respect and I get more encouragement to work.

Subala’s magic touch on sand & water goes unsung, unrecognised and unremembered.

This pity is happening in the real artist life, notwithstanding his weak health, Subala doesn’t let down the art lovers, who wants to witness his art of creativity says, “When people pat my back in appreciation, all my pains simply vanish and that is what keeps me going.”